Why Knowing Your Numbers is Key with Demi Horvat CEO of AirDNA!

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We are on a roll with our episodes lately! 

Just last week, we had the privilege of diving in with an industry leader from Expedia/VRBO, and this week, we’re keeping the momentum going by welcoming the incredible leader of AirDNA, Demi Horvat to our show. 

It’s an exciting time to be part of the accommodation industry, and I feel so fortunate to bring these conversations to you.

For me, the fascination with data has been a long-standing one. Being entrenched in the business world has taught me the undeniable truth of “knowing your numbers.” It’s a mantra that has guided me through my career, reinforcing the idea that without solid data to back your decisions, navigating the path to success is like sailing without a compass – risky, uncertain, and almost guaranteed to fail. 

This week’s discussion with Demi Horvat, CEO of AirDNA, is a testament to this belief. Demi brings a fresh, insightful perspective on how data is not just a tool, but the very foundation of strategic decision-making in our industry.

Our conversation with Demi Horvat unravels the layers of how data can transform your business and as well as set it up in the right way. From market analysis to investment decisions, Demi’s insights shed light on the power of data in crafting a winning strategy in the hospitality landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned hotelier, a boutique bed and breakfast owner, or navigating the dynamic world of short-term rentals, this episode is packed with wisdom that transcends the boundaries of our industry.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • How to leverage data for smarter investment and operational decisions 📊
  • Competitive analysis through the lens of data for strategic positioning 🏅
  • Understanding the indispensable role of actionable data in business strategy 💡
  • Exploring future trends in data utilization in STR and beyond 🚀
  • A dive into AirDNA’s strategic moves and vision under Demi’s leadership 🌟


Having the opportunity to speak with Demi Horvat was an absolute delight. As the new CEO of AirDNA, Demi has hit the ground running with the strategic acquisition of Uplisting, marking a bold step forward in AirDNA’s journey. Her diverse background, from advising Fortune 500 companies to pioneering diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, positions her as a formidable leader in our sector. Demi’s insights are a blend of visionary leadership and practical strategies, making her a unique voice in the conversation around technology, strategy, and the future of accommodation.

This episode isn’t just about understanding data; it’s about seeing the world through the possibilities that data opens up for us in the accommodation industry. Demi’s journey and approach to leadership at AirDNA offer a compelling narrative on the transformative power of data-driven decision-making. I’m excited for you to listen, and learn.

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