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Welcome back to The Accommodation Show! In our latest episode, we delve into the transformative world of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising and its immense potential for your accommodation business. It’s not just about getting your name out there; it’s about strategically positioning your business in the digital landscape. I believe that understanding and leveraging PPC can be a game-changer in how you attract guests and boost your property’s visibility.

Does PPC work??? The answer is…..

PPC can be a highly effective tool to enhance your property’s online presence, especially in competitive markets (but how?). Our latest episode provides a comprehensive insight into how PPC can transform your marketing strategy, making it more targeted, efficient, and ultimately, more profitable.

We’re joined by Mike Denman, a maestro in digital marketing and advertising, who brings a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. His expertise in leveraging PPC for the accommodation sector is unparalleled, and his tips are straightforward and actionable, making them perfect for any accommodation business looking to up their game.

Mike’s journey from video production to digital marketing, and eventually, his foray into real estate and Airbnb advertising, makes him uniquely qualified to discuss the nuances of PPC in hospitality. He shares invaluable insights on how to maximize your property’s online visibility, drive traffic to your listings, and increase bookings.

Reasons You Should Listen to This Episode:

🌟 Uncover the secrets of effective PPC campaigns
🏡 Learn how to increase your property’s visibility and bookings
💡 Discover the impact of strategic advertising on occupancy rates
🛠️ Gain practical tips and tricks for your digital marketing strategy
📈 Understand how to leverage social media platforms for advertising
🔍 Explore the significance of market research in PPC

Mike Denman is not just an award-winning filmmaker and author but also a digital marketing virtuoso who has been revolutionizing advertising since 2008. His journey through video production and digital marketing strategy, culminating in the founding of STRadvertising.com, showcases his profound understanding of the digital landscape. Mike’s expertise in enhancing Airbnb visibility through strategic advertising has been pivotal in elevating occupancy rates and boosting bookings. His passion for his work, combined with his in-depth knowledge of PPC, makes him an invaluable asset to our discussion and your learning journey.

This episode isn’t just about learning the ropes of PPC; it’s about empowering yourself with the knowledge to make informed, strategic decisions for your accommodation business. The insights shared by Mike are not only enlightening but are also practical, ensuring that you can start implementing these strategies right away.

By listening to this episode, you’re not only staying abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing but also equipping yourself with the tools to stand out in a crowded market. The knowledge you’ll gain is invaluable and can be the key to unlocking higher occupancy rates, better visibility, and more profitable outcomes for your business.

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