Tyann Marcink Hammond Unpacks Guest Experience Secrets!

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Fresh off my trips to CanStays in Canada and VRNation in Boise, Idaho, where I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Tyann’s event the day before VRNation, I’m thrilled to share our newest episode of The Accommodation Show.

It’s always energising to network and meet industry leaders, but spending time with Tyann Marcink Hammond is especially rewarding. Not only is she immensely knowledgeable, but she also brings a vibrant, hospitable energy with some of the freshest ideas in the business (yeap I loved my hand-written card). 

This episode delves into a topic you will find not only interesting but also a great opportunity for improvement: Effective Guest Communication. This has been a topic that I have delved into in the past, but after an industry survey was run by TouchStay, we have some data to back up the assumptions. We get to understand how thoughtful communication with a guest can have a real impact on both guest satisfaction and business profitability.

Guest communication is the backbone of hospitality. Whether you’re running a quaint bed and breakfast or a bustling hotel chain, the way you engage with your guests can significantly influence their overall experience and their decisions to spend more, extend their stay, or even return. Tyann joins us to share invaluable insights from a recent study that sheds light on the dos and don’ts of guest interactions. By tuning in, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how strategic communication can transform your guest relations into a powerful tool for business growth.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 📈 The optimal number of messages to send to your guests for maximum engagement.
  • 💌 How personalising your communication can drastically improve guest satisfaction.
  • 🎯 The impact of communication quality on positive guest reviews.
  • 💡 Why more communication could mean more revenue for your business.
  • 🤖 Insights into the use of digital guidebooks to enhance guest experience.
  • 🔍 The importance of understanding your guest’s preferences in communication.
  • 🚀 Strategies for applying these communication principles across various types of accommodation businesses.

Tyann, known as the Queen of Guest Experience, brings a wealth of knowledge from her roles at Touch Stay digital guidebooks and as co-host of The Guest Cast podcast. An industry leader and consultant, author, speaker, and owner/manager of two vacation rental brands, Branson Family Retreats and Missouri Haus, Tyann has been recognised with the VRMA Excellence Award for her outstanding community impact through hospitality. Her insights are based not just on theory but on successful, real-world application, making her advice particularly valuable and actionable.

Enhancing your communication skills can lead to more than just satisfied guests; it can transform the financials of your business. This episode will equip you with the tools to make meaningful changes in the way you interact with your guests, ensuring they not only return but become advocates for your brand. By implementing the strategies discussed, you’ll be positioned to increase both guest loyalty and revenue — a dual benefit that every accommodation provider strives for.

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