Turning Ideas into Business Successes: A Journey from Host to Advisor with Zeona McIntyre!

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When I was a kid and I was asked, ‘’what do you want to be when you grow up’’, my answer was:

“An International Businessman.”

I didn’t really know what that meant but;

I was drawn to the idea of entrepreneurship. In my youthful imagination, I envisioned myself as an international businessman, traveling the world exploring cultures and meeting people. I loved getting on planes, I loved the sense of adventure, and I loved knowing that I could help others along the way.

I thought I was going to set up a toilet paper factory with my cousin, as I figured it is something that people will always need. 

Fast forward to today, almost 5 years into my journey with ibooked.online, and many more years of life I have learnt many lessons about the qualities it takes to succeed. It requires more than just sharp business acumen, it demands ingenuity, consistent practice, patience, courage and the ability to change. However, you need a north star, mine is helping others.

Being an entrepreneur, to me, means being a catalyst for change and facilitating success for others as well as for myself. I’ve learned that when you focus on aiding others, your path to success becomes much more navigable and fulfilling.
That’s precisely why I’m thrilled about this week’s episode. I had the pleasure of speaking with Zeona McIntyre, a fellow entrepreneur whose journey epitomizes the essence of transformation and service. Starting with a single Airbnb listing, Zeona has risen to become an author, realtor, and sought-after loan consultant. She embodies the entrepreneurial spirit not only by achieving personal success but also by empowering others to find their foothold in the accommodation industry. Her story is a powerful reminder of how starting small can lead to monumental achievements, especially when you’re committed to broadening opportunities for others along the way.

As someone who owns properties across five states and authored “30 Day Stay,” her insights are invaluable. We explore how diverse career paths can lead to substantial growth and the resilience needed to navigate changing markets. This episode is not just a lesson in entrepreneurship; it’s a masterclass in transforming challenges into opportunities for innovation and success.

What you will learn from this episode:

🌟 How to start small and scale your accommodation business effectively.
📈 The benefits of diversifying your business model in the accommodation industry.
🔄 Creative strategies for managing and financing your properties.
🛎️ Tips on co-hosting and maximizing your rental opportunities.
🚀 Finding your niche and excelling in the accommodation sector.
🌍 Leveraging global insights to enhance local guest experiences.
📚 Learning from failures and turning them into strategic successes.

Zeona McIntyre has been a pioneer in the short-term rental industry since 2012. Her journey from starting with a single Airbnb listing to becoming a recognized author, realtor, and investment consultant is a powerful testament to what tenacity and foresight can achieve. Owning properties across five states and authoring “30 Day Stay,” Zeona’s insights are sought after in various high-profile platforms including BiggerPockets and NPR. Her dual life, split between Boulder, Colorado, and traversing the globe, underscores her dynamic approach to both life and business.

The practical tips and insights shared by Zeona are designed to empower you, whether you’re a veteran in the industry or just starting out. By tuning in, you’ll gain the knowledge and motivation to enhance your operational strategies, improve guest experiences, and explore new possibilities in your business.

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