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There’s nothing better than being able to travel the globe, meet some of the most fascinating people, with incredible stories and bring their insights and learnings to your eyes and ears. 

This week, you will enjoy my conversation Eric Goldreyer, who embodies the idea of a true entrepreneur. Meeting someone like Eric is a rare treat. He’s one of those few who not only dreamt up a business idea but also saw it through from start to finish, achieving a successful exit (he has done it multiple times). In our conversation, we dive into how he used caught a need in the market and made it into a company. Eric’s story is not just about big wins; it’s about overcoming real challenges and making strategic decisions that any of us could face.

Our discussion spans the critical phases of his ventures, from the initial challenges of digitising bed and breakfast listings to mastering the art of scaling and eventually selling his tech-driven business. 

What you will learn from this episode:
Navigating the challenges of digital transformation in hospitality 📈
Strategies for building a scalable and saleable business 🏢
Leveraging technology to revolutionise traditional hospitality models 💻
Managing growth and planning for international expansion 🌍
Achieving work-life balance while driving business success 🏖️
Implementing tech solutions to enhance customer engagement 🛎️
Drawing on passion to fuel business innovation and success 🔥

Eric’s background includes founding, which under his guidance became the world’s premier online directory for B&Bs, and bnbfinder, a direct-booking platform that enhances the profitability and customer experience of vacation rentals and boutique hotels. His journey through founding, scaling, and selling businesses offers invaluable lessons on strategic foresight and operational excellence.

This episode is a treasure trove of strategies that can elevate your business to new heights. By integrating Eric’s lessons into your business practice, you can enhance your operational efficiency, improve guest satisfaction, and position your enterprise for future opportunities. Whether you’re at the helm of a small B&B or a growing chain of boutique hotels, the insights shared here are designed to foster innovation, efficiency, and growth in a competitive market.

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