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It’s such a pleasure to be back for season 11 of The Accommodation Show. In this episode, I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome back our special guest, Julie George, a seasoned expert in the short-term rental industry. Our enlightening conversation delves deep into the emerging opportunities and strategies in the accommodation business, and the inspiring potential of industry events and conferences.

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, staying informed and connected is paramount. That’s precisely why this episode is an absolute must-listen. Julie and I share our experiences attending global industry events, highlighting their transformative power for personal growth, networking, and industry insight. We underscore the importance of embracing these platforms to stay ahead of the curve, learn from worldwide success stories, and ultimately amplify your business’s potential.

Reasons You Should Listen to this Episode:

Discover the Value of Industry Conferences: We discuss how conferences like STRIVE offer an exciting opportunity for education, connection, and industry support.

Understand the Global Market Landscape: Hear our insights on notable industry giants such as Track and Streamline, and why it’s crucial to be aware of their roles in shaping the industry.

Realise the Potential of the Australian Market: We highlight Australia’s noteworthy achievements in the short-term rental industry and the opportunities it presents for hosts.

Embrace Diverse Industry Solutions: From tech issues to noise monitoring, we discuss various challenges and solutions in the short-term rental space.

Explore Event Diversity and Their Benefits: We address the unique focuses of different events and how they cater to various aspects of the industry, fostering overall growth.

In this episode, Julie and I aim to illuminate the immense value industry events can bring to you and your business.

By listening in, you’ll gain invaluable insights, perspectives, and tools that will empower you to navigate the accommodation business more efficiently and strategically. We are confident that the wealth of knowledge shared will equip you with a fresh perspective and inspire actionable steps toward achieving your business goals.

Enjoy and see you next week!

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