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Mixing things up this week! I had the pleasure of interviewing someone I connected with late last year. I had a chat with Matt and… 

I love his story. So I thought it important to share. 

In the world of short-term rentals, there are several paths to success. You can become a property manager, master the art of arbitrage, or dive into property ownership. Each route offers unique challenges and rewards. In today’s episode, we’re shining a light on these diverse strategies, focusing particularly on property acquisition – a path less traveled but immensely rewarding.

Understanding the main three methods to ‘get into STR’.

Property Management: This involves overseeing rental properties for others, and handling everything from guest communication to maintenance. It’s a hands-on approach that demands excellent customer service skills and operational management.
Arbitrage: Here, you lease a property and then re-rent it as an STR. It’s a smart way to enter the market without owning assets, but it requires a keen understanding of rental agreements and market rates.
Property Ownership: This is where you buy properties specifically for STR use. It involves a higher initial investment but offers greater control and the potential for property appreciation.

In this episode, we delve into the nuances of buying property for STRs with industry expert MyBrokerMatt. Matthew McCall-Stillman brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive experience in the real estate market, particularly in property acquisition for STRs. We’ll explore why owning property can be a game-changer in your STR business and how to navigate this journey successfully.

A seasoned expert in the STR field, Matthew Sean McCall-Stillman has an impressive track record in property acquisition. From his beginnings in mortgage underwriting to managing over 51 properties, including a boutique hotel and 31 STRs, his journey is a testament to the potential of owning STR properties. Through STR Legend, Matthew guides novices and veterans alike, offering comprehensive tips on every aspect of STR investment.

Join us in this enlightening episode to understand how buying property for STRs can provide a stable and lucrative foundation for your business. Matthew’s insights will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and seize opportunities in the STR market.

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