Tiny Homes, Big Adventure’s - Running a Tiny Stays business - with Aimee Stanton

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We’ve checked a lot of boxes in a short time here at ibooked.online’s, The Accommodation Show, and today we’re checking yet another. I bring you an EXTRA-SPECIAL TREAT this week that you do not want to miss! 

In the past few years, tiny homes have had a big impact on real estate and our collective psyche. They have become incredibly popular as investments, but also as great places to live. There have been TV shows that have peaked people’s interest. You can watch Tiny House Nation, Tiny Luxury, Tiny House World, Terrific Tiny Homes, Tiny House Australia, Tiny Paradise, Mighty Tiny Houses and Tiny House Hunting. The trend has gained some serious traction with consumers — and it is now bleeding into travel and STR, where vacationers can fulfill their big vacation dreams in teeny, tiny accommodations. Today’s guest has found a way to make it increasingly easy for guests to enjoy the novelty. 

Meet Aimee Stanton who’s giving her guests a taste of the smaller life with TinyStays. Aimee went from studying beauty therapy to becoming a plumber. She said she would always get a trade under her belt and then go chase her dreams. She sold her possessions and quit her job to travel around Australia in a van. Aimee knew that she wanted to live differently from the majority and is now chasing her dreams – Co-founder of Tiny Stays.

Tiny Stays provide a unique experience that combines the best facilities of a hotel with an immersive nature escape. The tiny houses are solar-powered and are completely off-grid living providing the freedom to put each house in the most beautiful locations around the country. Check out the views! 

Tiny Stays was created as a way to help people get off-grid, take a break from their busy lifestyles, and get back to nature for a few days. Ben and Aimee wanted to give people the opportunity to experience something that is becoming increasingly harder to experience these days – a chance to escape the busy city life and experience nature.

This episode is provocative, it’s inspiring, it’s gritty, it’s tiny, it’s another episode of the Accommodation Show! Also, if you want to see social media done incredibly well – make sure to check out the Instagram profiles below! 

00:00 Tiny Homes, Big Adventures – Running a Tiny Stays business – with Aimee Stanton
01:52 Introduction
02:26 Why tiny houses?
04:31 What is a tiny home?
07:51 How long do guests stay in Tiny Homes?
09:26 Guest experience in a Tiny Home
12:36 Challenges of running a tiny home 
16:06 Streamlining your processes
18:43 Finding and keeping cleaners 
20:06 Tiny Stay’s guest avatar
21:20 Marketing and branding a Tiny Stay
25:45 How much time and effort does marketing take?
31:54 How do you deal with miscommunication?
36:04 Upselling a tiny homestay 
38:38 How to scale such a business

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