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Are you tired of constantly struggling to keep up with the rising costs of amenities for your business?

On The Accommodation Show, we’re hitting the ground running with a value-packed episode that will help you save big on furniture and amenities for your rooms and units. 🚀

Just last episode, one of our Facebook community members shared that one of their biggest challenges is the cost of amenities, especially with inflation on the rise. But what if we told you there’s a way to save up to 70% on furniture and amenities for your rental properties? 💸

Meet Jeff Iloulian, founder of HostGPO. Jeff has been on a mission to help short-term rental hosts access quality products at the best possible rates from brands like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Helix Sleep, Brooklinen, and more. By rallying a group of professional hosts and leveraging their collective buying power, Jeff has created a mutually beneficial solution for everyone involved. 🤝

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How you can cut costs to maximize your profit. 💰

  • How to analyze your numbers to find savings and hidden costs. 🔍

  • What you can do to improve operational performance. 🚀

  • How hosts can save up to 75% through HostGPO. 💸

  • The benefits of joining a GPO. 💡

With nearly a decade of experience in the vacation rental industry, Jeff has successfully set up, managed, and/or operated over 250+ properties from cozy cabins to luxury mansions. He’s a firm believer in interdisciplinary problem-solving and pushing outside of your comfort zone. 💪

Don’t miss this episode to learn how you can save time and money using a GPO and the types of products you can purchase through one. Thanks for supporting The Accommodation Show community and cheers from all of us here! 🍻

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Hello, and welcome back to The Accommodation Show. We help accommodation owners like you get the knowledge and skills that you need to grow your business, improve your guest experience and increase your profitability. 

Bart: Okay, everybody, welcome back to another episode of The Accommodation Show. I am so excited today because we’ve got Jeff Iluvien from Hosted GPO who’s joining us. Welcome to the show.

Jeff: Thank you so much for having me.

Bart: It’s great to have you here. I’ve been looking forward to doing this episode because today we’re going to be talking about how to maximize revenue by reducing costs. Or if we put it another way if we reduce costs, then we can increase our revenue. It’s an awesome topic. It’s certainly essential for short-term rental owners, but also if you’re in the hotel space, if you’re an accommodation in general, all these things will apply to you. But before we go into Jeff, I would love for you to introduce yourself. Let us know about your business and how you got into it.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. So Host GPO is my business. We are a GPO so a group purchasing organization is what stands for a GPO in the vacation rental industry. So it’s somewhere that you can go to source mattresses, furniture, linens, amenities, services, and everything you need for your vacation rental unit, and we’ve negotiated discounted pricing and kind of put it all in one stop. Shop one place for you to be able to see a curated selection of big-name brands, as well as strategic products for this space. So that’s what host GPO does, and my background. I’ve been in the vacation rental industry for about seven or eight years.

Maybe more now. And I was a property management manager as well as an arbitrage guy. So I had about 150 properties, mostly based out here in Southern California, which is where I’m from. And before that, I was practicing as an attorney, and as I’m sure a lot of people who are listening now know, you kind of dip your toe in this business and start with one property, and all of a sudden that becomes 10 and 100. And all of a sudden you’re starting a business to help other people with their vacation rental companies.

Bart: Yeah. And are you still managing at the moment or is that being sold?

Jeff: Yeah, I still have a handful of units that I have that are my own that I have better run as rentals, but the majority of that portfolio is no longer undermining my operation.

Bart: And you were one of the first one of the major GPOs out there. Is that right?

Jeff:  Yeah, so we were the first ones to do it. And kind of the only ones that do it the way that we do. We’ve been around for two and a half years and we have over 200,000 vacation rental properties that have signed up for us GPO.

Bart: Wow. That’s impressive. And I guess in terms of scale where you were talking to you are working on your 150 or whatever now with 200,000, it is a completely different ballgame. Let’s jump into it. Let’s talk about reducing costs and what that actually means. Tell me a bit more about your thinking around it.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. So I think at the end of the day, you know, costs and expenses really break down into two key areas. There are the straight financial costs, there is the actual price of things. And there’s the time and a lot of people, especially in this industry, who are hustlers who really are willing to do whatever it takes to get things off the ground. Don’t value their time, as much as they probably should. And as you start to scale and get to five and 10 and 50 units, you really start realizing that that time is a huge, huge component of costs as well. Every minute you’re out there spending, you know cleaning your own unit. You could be finding another one or you could be figuring out how to do your business, better price better, use better pieces of software, use better pieces of technology, etc. 

So, so reducing expenses really boils down to one how to actually reduce the hard dollar costs and two, how to save yourself a bunch of time and super important because people look at profitability and look at how to make profits in a business and you’re constantly focused on revenue generating, how can I get my occupancy percentages up to you know, 110%, how do I get more people in there than days with cancellation or whatever, whatever you’re thinking about. But ultimately, profitability is a two-sided equation that also takes how much revenue you’re bringing in and really deducts the costs out of it as well. So expenses and reducing expenses and saving time is really a huge part of what Host GPO is here to do and how we try to help people.

Bart: Yeah, I love that and I actually wasn’t expecting you to start talking about time, which is something that is becoming more important as businesses scale and understanding what the value of that time is. What is it worth per hour to do a particular task and what is that time actually worth? Do you have any ways of calculating that?

Jeff: Yeah, I mean, there. There are anecdotal ways that I like always talking about sharing. You know, when you really start thinking about things like setting up multiple units at a time, or the scalability of certain solutions. You know you can, you can back out to one, the things that I’ve experienced and the ways that I’ve wasted my time and felt it, but also you know, I guess maybe being a lawyer before I was really used to like billing by the minute, per hour or minute and so you really start thinking about how time is the most valuable thing that we have and so you know, how do you save time and, and the best way to do that is to increase your profitability, save money and make sure that you’re using solutions that help you automate and save time. 

Bart: Yeah being a business owner, one of the things that that we do is we actually look at how much revenue the business is bringing in, and then I go, “Well, what’s my profit on that:?” and then based on my profit or the revenue that we actually bring in that I actually divided up by the number of hours that I’m working, I’m going well, my time is worth roughly x to do something, right. So is it $100 An hour $200 or $300 an hour, whatever the number tends to be, and as you grow and you’re making more revenue than that time becomes more and more expensive to be using it not to do rote revenue-generating activities, or to be great at business or working on strategy and everything else. 

So that’s one way that I know some people are actually figuring out the math of what that time is worth. And I think it’s important to try to put some sort of a number around what your time is worth, right? Is it $50? Or is it $500 an hour, and like I said, as you grow, that number becomes bigger and bigger? So when you’re smaller, you’re sort of hustling and you’ve got two or three properties, it doesn’t matter so much. But as you’ve gone to a much bigger stage, you need to be cognizant of how much it’s worth and then at what point that crossover point is great. You know why I should just outsource this.

Jeff:  Exactly. I mean, I think you put the nail right on the head, you know in terms of taking your total amount of profit or revenue that you’re generating with your time. Divide that by how many hours you’re putting towards each individual task. But what that really doesn’t account for and what I really like to think of a lot is the opportunity costs. So you know, that’s not really factored into that equation, and the amount of time that you spend doing stuff like building furniture is a really interesting way to think about if you spent that time looking for another property or you spent that time actually focusing on, the guest experience or something like that rather than the, in the same way, things seem very logical right out of the gate. 

You might not want to be cleaning your listings, right you know, after the first couple or you might not want to be you know, building your furniture that stuff tends to make more sense to people right out of the gate, but really starts to increase over time. When you start thinking about well, how am I even identifying and finding this furniture? How much time are you spending sourcing on Amazon and looking through 50 different types of sheets before you even figure out if the sheet that you’ve got is the right one or some of the hidden costs? Time costs are things that we really focus on too. So for example, if you buy a piece of furniture that breaks, how much time does it take to replace it? Forget about the cost the blocking off the listing for a day getting in there moving it in and moving it out, and organizing all that stuff, right? So setting things up the right way upfront can really save you in the long run as well. So we really like to think about the cost and value of what we’re providing in terms of saving time there as well.

Bart: Yeah, I love it. I absolutely love it. I absolutely agree. It’s kind of one of those ones where you know, you can buy quality over quantity. And sure you can get a mark of 10 marks or you can buy the one mark which will last you a lifetime. That kind of stuff. So let’s go to the other part. of it. So we talked a bit about time. So that’s one thing that we’re going to look at as business owners to go okay, what did my time actually worth and what tasks am I doing? And is there an opportunity cost which is involved as well? Then the other part of it is you see costs so the actual costs so that the money if you’re paying for things?

Jeff: Yeah, and I always talk about there’s this great Mark Cuban quote out there, where he’s talking about if somebody came up to you and said, You know, I really want to turn my life around, I really want to start saving money and or get out of this hole that I’m in or whatever it is, you know, what would you tell that person right away and the first two things that he always mentions are one, pay off all your credit card debt because obviously credit card debt is like the most expensive thing ever. So pay it off immediately and use all of your funds towards that because it’s an insane interest rate. But then the second thing is he talks about purchasing and he says, doesn’t buy the tiny little travel size sink, you know, toothpaste or the one thing of toothpaste by the four pack by the eight pack of toothpaste and so when you start thinking about things like that, you’re going to use another hopefully you use another toothpaste at some point. And when you buy that single-use, you’re actually paying such a premium to get just one of those items. 


So thinking about how you can strategically purchase from linen wholesale companies and hospitality linen companies rather than buying the normal retail goods that you would for your business is a great way to save on actual costs. That combined with just the general principle of post-GPO with over 200,000 units. We’ve negotiated the guaranteed best discounts with brands like West Elm article furniture, CB two rugs, USA standard textile, Brooklyn, and publicans. Right. We’ve already done the heavy work so that even if you had 20 units or 50 units or 100 units, and you tried to reach out to one of those brands to negotiate, nobody will ever get a better price than Host GPO and we’ve aggregated all that power to save everybody the time from hunting it down and trying to negotiate those discounts. So we’re really offering 30%, 50%, 70% off a lot of these brands, just by virtue of becoming a Host GPO member.

Bart: So tell me, tell me a bit about the mechanics of I guess, that group buying I used to actually work in procurement for a couple of years, and I understand why procurement exists. But there’ll be some people that aren’t familiar with what procurement actually is and what it means and why it’s important. Maybe, start off with breaking down procurement for people and where it fits. into short-term rentals. I guess a lot of hotels have already got some resources that they can tap into for this, this sort of thing, but even if you’re running a boutique hotel, you also need to procure stuff. I’m sure that you know through what you’re doing, how procurement works, and why it’s important. Can you break that down for people so they guide so they can sort of realign the need for having a procurement strategy, for example?

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. And I think the first thing to talk about there is, you know, Host GPO we’re a Host GPO for the vacation rental industry, but there are GPOs for other industries. There is Host GPOs in the restaurant world, and pharmaceutical industries in you know, you name it, there are specific GPOs for those businesses and what a GPO does is help you with your procurement by providing a platform or solution to help you with your buying needs. So you don’t have to start from square one. So where does procurement fit into your business? Well, every time you set up a new vacation rental, or every time you purchase or repurchase supplies or amenities, whether that’s replacing linens, replacing shampoos, replacing you know, paper goods, etc. 

All of those are procurement. They’re all buying for the unit. And it fits in really a lot upfront when you’re setting up a new home, but also on an ongoing basis with things like services. You know, for example, if you’re getting pest control for your property right, we’ll partner with somebody like Terminix, and you get discounted pest control or hardware as we partner with Ace Hardware. So if you need to replace your air filters ongoing you’re procuring you’re buying stuff for your unit, and that is where you would go to a GPO like us GPO that’s already negotiated the discounted prices for you. So that you can purchase at a lower cost and in a more streamlined way.

Bart: Let’s break that down even further for people because for some people, I think that it’s gonna be quite kind of get it by kind of don’t. Getting a discount sounds great. But the only thing that I think that you’re not that we haven’t covered yet. Is the mechanics of why that discount happens? And how does one of these procurement contracts work? Like when you approach an organization? Why are they interested in talking to you, and how does that procurement funnel actually work? And I think for those that don’t know, it’s gonna be quite interesting.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s a really, really good question. So let’s go into the mechanics of how these negotiations work because they’re very fascinating. So the main purpose of a GPO is to take the aggregated buying power of the group. So that means if you were to go and talk to a mattress company and say hey, look, we want to get mattresses at a discount for two people buying mattresses, maybe we’ll get a two for one or some sort of, you know, additional price break. Now. If somebody like one of the largest vacation rental companies with maybe 5000 or 10,000 units would go and talk there’s a certain threshold that they can get to when we go as a group with all of our negotiating power pulled together and we go to these brands and say, Look, this is going to be the mattress company that we want to buy from, we’re able to unlock a significant amount of additional discounts because that company is really excited about one getting into the space from their mechanics and perspective. 

They’re not spending as much money on marketing to reach people as they might otherwise because all of a sudden we’re funneling people towards one location and towards one brand or a handful of curated brands. And, you know, from their perspective, you know, the third key part is volume, we’re bringing so much volume that the amount of margin that they might need to make as a business can be lower because, on the aggregate, our company, our GPO group is purchasing so much that we can share the savings across the board. So you know, you might be familiar with normal interior design, trade discounts, or, you know, a lot of trade associations will have their own kind of groups or their own discounts for different brands. 

Host GPO is well above any standard trade discount. So one thing that’s really unique about what we do is nothing that’s on the host GPOs website is the same deal that you could just get by being an interior designer or get by reaching out to a brand or you know, sometimes when you go to a brand’s website, they say like enter your email address in and you’ll get 10% off your first order 15% off your first order, post GPOs deals because we’re negotiating on behalf of that entire aggregate group, are significantly above that. So only we only put deals on our website that really do offer those kinds of next-level savings.

Bart: Yeah, well, I mean, it becomes a bit of a no-brainer in terms of joining a group or that kind of an organization with the buying power. They can achieve so much, but I think it’s really important for people like if you’ve never heard of what procurement actually is like Google at Google what procurement is and it took me such a long time to sort of wrap my head around what it actually means and what generally happens is within large organizations, you’ll have people buying the same stuff, but from different suppliers. So there’ll be the same toilet paper or they’ll buy toilet paper from all over the place and you’ve got lots of different divisions doing exactly the same purchasing rather than they do it all individually on their credit cards, but if you get everybody together and you go to one supplier and say, Hey, we need toilet paper for 1000 people, or 1000 offices or whatever, then it completely changes it and you’ve done exactly that. But rather than being one organization, you’ve put all the vacation rental owners into one under one umbrella and said, “Hey, we’re going to buy as a group.” And as a group, what is the best deal that you can offer us on mattresses, and linens, and that’s a term of the service?

Jeff: Yeah, no, I just wanted to just add really quickly there, you’re 100% right. But the one thing that I really, really wanted to point out is that there’s also the benefit of both small things right? A GPO and our procurement service will also not just negotiate the price, but they’ll negotiate things like for us, I’ll talk about those GPO limits on price increases overall so you know the number of times that if the price of cotton goes up in a year, the number of times that we can get a price increase as a group on our sheets, or, you know, something like the ability to have free shipping to individual different locations, as opposed to having to pay for shipping, whereas another GPO might focus on how do we ship you know, a good example would be like a hotel GPO might say something like, Okay, we need 7000 rooms worth of linens shipped at one time to one location that’s very different than the vacation rental company that might need a bunch of different sets of sheets shipped to a bunch of different locations. And so for us to be able to negotiate those types of terms free shipping on you know, limited or no quantities to go to different locations or amount of price increases. Those are the other things that our procurement service will be able to really do. And so let’s go

Bart: Let’s go back to our overarching theme of today, which is maximizing profits through savings on costs. We’ve got those sort of two main themes, which is one saving your time, and the other one, which is saving on the cost overall, and I just want to kind of recap and go back to the time saving because that’s something now that we’ve sort of explained procurement a bit more and explained that we put a value to our time. Tell me more about the process of actually saving time in procurement.

Jeff: Yeah, so I think that it breaks down into two main components. One is how are you saving time on the host GPO member portal. And also how are you saving time in your business? So by using the portal you’re saving time by not having to go learn all the lessons the hard way on something like sheets? Let’s just start there. So if you’re buying sheets off of like Amazon or you’re buying basic microfiber or anything like that, you start to learn very quickly, especially as you have three units, five units, 10 units, you learn really quickly that you know, you’ll end up with an off white cream, a pillowcase here and a bright white pillowcase from another brand over here, etc because you’re not buying from somewhere that’s consistent and as you know, the right amount of inventory always, you know, standard textile is the largest hospitality linen company in the US, which is why we partner with them and they always have inventory. 

They’ve had the same inventory for eight years and it’s what the giant you know, it’s all companies use, right? So you’re saving time, you know, immediately by not having to source through buying 10 different types of varieties of linens, read the research, try to figure out you know, on Facebook groups or wherever else you’re looking what the right types of linens are, you’re immediately being guided towards a curated group of brands. And we’re also here at Host GPO to help you so you can ask us, Hey, this is my type of unit. This is what I’m doing. What would you recommend? Can you get me samples right? And we’re helping. We’re trying to help you sift through all of the hundreds and 1000s of brands that are out there and say these are the right ones for the vacation rental industry. And it’s not like we’re only saying, Here’s a handful of skews. I mean, we’re partnering with major brands that have hundreds of 1000s and millions of different skews, but those brands are quality. And so that’s really like from a time perspective. 

In terms of shopping. You’re not going to have an analysis of hopping through and trying to read a million reviews to figure out what to buy. And then we do things like have unified shopping experiences. So you can purchase from multiple brands at the same time, on our site, or through our site. Or you can do things like we build out solutions like that box is a great example. If you were setting up a new vacation rental unit, we can help you save time by you logging in to host GPO saying I am looking for a standard or a luxury, or mid-level for beds and two bathrooms the beds or queen, Queen King twins or whatever and go and we will help you put together an assortment of a basket of bestsellers that you can edit but that saves you all the time of clicking through and figuring out Mattress encasements pillows, pillow inserts to vase comforters, etc. And we try to tell you the right amounts that you should get for that for your home. Again, just trying to save your time and not buying experience. 

Bart: Sorry I really want to jump in because one of the things that seem pretty obvious here is how I know that the host GPO is giving me the right advice. And I mean it doesn’t even have to be just you guys but how do I know that you’re not giving the right advice and you don’t have a vested interest to advise in a certain direction?

Jeff: Yeah, I mean, we are. The best way to think about it is that everybody at host GPO including myself is a host and has been in this industry for a long time. So when you call when you have your first kind of onboarding phone call, you’re talking to somebody who either manages currently 510 units or, you know, also has worked for companies that have managed hundreds of units, right? So you’re able to kind of get that advice from the person that’s right for you. You’re also able to see by the entire group purchasing from these brands, that you know what the best-sellers are, and how that’s working. And then, you know, we pass on the savings to our members. 

And the way that you know that you know how we make our money is we charge a membership fee. It’s kind of like a Costco or like Amazon Prime or something like that, where you end up paying an annual membership fee so that we can pass on these costs. And savings to you guys, right? We’re really focused on growing the community, we’re really focused on providing a curated group of brands for you. But these are brands that have been brought to us, not only internally from our team, but also from our members who say things like hey, we’re really interested in this type of amenity. 

We’re really interested in this, you know, shampoo, etc. And that’s how we kind of source our brands to begin with. So you know, you’ll see you when you join the Host GPO and it’s free to join. We also try to make sure that you know, there’s no like, Hey, you pay a membership fee and then you figure out if you like it or not, right, it’s free to join and we want people to experience and look through the deals to understand how good they are, how much better they are, than whatever else is out there. And, you know, see that it’s not like we’re guiding you towards one brand. It’s like if you come and say, Hey, I’m a luxury property, we might say, Hey, you should maybe look at this mattress, and if we’re really setting up a basic cabin in the woods, will probably say, hey, this other mattress that we partner with is kind of that one so we’re more guiding you within the ecosystem that we built, which has come mostly from our members, recommending brands for us to partner with.

Bart: Gotcha. So then you’ve got the time thing of obviously sourcing everything, then you’ve got the other side of the time equation of setting it all up and you know, servicing it and all that so I think we’ve covered all that was anything else on time that you wanted to cover off?

Jeff: Just the last part. The second piece was about how that saves time in your business. And so little things like a standard textile, for example, providing some of their sheets come pre-laundered and towels come pre-laundered. So if you’re setting up a new home and you’re ordering a box of 24 towels or 48 towels or whatever it is, keep an inventory to put on the beds. Just doing laundry on that alone is an insane amount of time. So there are little things like that or like what we talked about at the beginning of today. Buying nice not twice right knowing what those hidden time costs are in your business down the road. Of oh shoot none of my linens match. Oh, shoot the table. The top of this table was peeling off and now I need to get a new one. 

And I need to run to the store and buy you know glue to put down to try to fix the table and it’s not going to look great, right? So saving time on the actual operations of your business by having these procedures in place. And by buying the right products upfront. That’s something that we’re really focused on helping people learn how to do early because everybody’s out there talking about SOPs and standard operating procedures that you know for your business. 

And we look at procurement as really one of those solutions. Just like you have a PMS system that’s sending your automated messages, you should have a Host GPO that you can go to to be able to look at your order history when you need to reorder one item and see all the brands that you purchased from which properties you bought for, etc and be able to buy for that right. So we’re trying to save you time in your business as well as during the purchasing.

Bart: Yeah, I love it and so there’s a lot of clients that I work with, and we talk about SOPs and how they fit into their business and there are those different elements. And I think that procurement part is actually something that you can talk to property owners about and say, Hey, we actually have a procurement division we get discounts, we get all this stuff which you can then put into your property, and we’re going to bring the property to a certain level. And so it’s I think, it’s something that’s quite powerful to actually bring into your pitch when you are trying to bring on new properties.

Jeff: 100% And that’s, that’s going to be good for you in the long run too. Right? You want that owner to put better quality stuff in their home. Why? Because it’s going to look better. And if it looks better, it’s going to rent for a higher price, and it’s going to break less and if it breaks last, that means you have to run there less to fix it, you’re gonna have fewer maintenance issues. Right? All of these things are really also engineered for one you to be able to get your owner to understand that you’re a professional in the space and you know what’s going on but to be able to maximize your return later through your percentage that you’re taking in terms of management if you’re a manager and also minimize the amount of time you’re gonna spend running around and fixing you know, the issues as they come up.

You know how many times in my 150 homes I had low-quality mattresses that I was buying you know these all foam mattresses and you know you have a guest that staying for more than three nights and complains about the mattress and so you have to run and get a mattress topper and run that over and put that on top. I mean that’s gas, that’s time, that’s your team. That’s a headache, that’s a hassle. That’s messages, that’s touchpoints, that’s reviews, all of these things that if you do it right the first time you reduce the possibility of those kinds of things happening.

Bart: Beautiful and then the other part of the equation, obviously is the cost. I think we’ve covered that off relatively well at this stage. I think that’s pretty obvious. In terms of the benefits of joining a GPO, or, you know, thinking more proactively about your procurement strategy for your business. And coming together. For those that don’t have a GPO or that aren’t US based. What is your best advice?

Jeff: Yeah, I mean, we are Host GPO. We are in the US and Canada right now. We are actively looking internationally at a couple of different places to expand. We have a lot of members who have properties elsewhere that are begging us to go there as well. But if you are in a place where this doesn’t work where you know, there is no solution like this for you. I would really recommend thinking about the quantities that you’re purchasing in and making sure that you’re not panic buying. Panic buying is the worst thing you can do. A last-minute run to the local store to buy the overpriced individual items that never matched that are going to break and are quality. 

That’s not what you want to be doing. So one eliminates panic buying to really think about quantities because that will help you do that. And then three I would keep in mind when you’re doing your research about brands that not all reviews are kind of created equal. So just because something has five stars on a website, it might be great for your individual home or for somebody’s individual home, but it’s not going to be the best option most likely for a vacation rental where you’re getting high wear and tear high use that kind of thing. So make sure you’re looking for things like contract great furniture or commercial-grade linens. Hospitality linens are the kinds of things that are engineered to be used in the way that you’re using them.

Bart: Gotcha, look. Amazing. It’s procurement, it isn’t the sexiest thing. It really isn’t. And I’ve been to many procurement conferences and the parties aren’t as great as the short-term rental conferences. Let’s put it that way. It’s true. But it’s such a big opportunity for people to realign their thinking, thinking about ways to really scale their business and to work for a future better business where you’re saving that time and that money so Jeff thanks for opening people’s eyes. I do encourage anyone that wants to join Host GPO will have the links in the comments. If you are listening, make sure that you give us a like or subscribe. Give us your feedback on the episode. We really want to know what your thoughts are on whether this sort of content is useful to you. Jeff, are there any final thoughts?

Jeff: No, I just, you know, really thankful to be here and to talk with you and to talk about this. And, you know, I think you’re right, procurement isn’t the sexiest thing that’s out there, but it really is rewarding and it’s been an incredible experience to be able to help people scale their businesses and grow their businesses effectively. So I really hope if you’re listening and you’re not a host GPO member, that you sign up for the free trial, it’s full access, give it a shot and join, join our group, join our community. The bigger we get as a group, the better our deals and the better we’re able to go and negotiate on behalf of the rest of our community. So really looking forward to having you join if you’re not a member already, and to all of our members who are listening. Thank you for being a part of our group.

Bart: Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. I appreciate your time. And we’ll talk again soon I hope

Jeff: Sounds good. I look forward to it.

Bart: Alright. 

Thank you so much for listening to the show. You can find this at where you can find all the show notes. links to resources we have talked about in transcripts from the show. I really do appreciate you listening. And if you’d like to support the show, please subscribe, leave a comment, and share it with others.

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