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This week, I am interrupting our usual roll out of podcast episodes as I wanted to bring you something that will be incredibly useful to your accommodation business. 

During the week I put out a video explaining how simple it is to put your WIFI login details in a QR code. The feedback has been very positive and folks are telling me that it is super useful. So I thought it appropriate to share. 

If you are anything like me, you will know that one of the most frustrating questions to answer is;

“What’s the WIFI password?” 

Actually, the follow-up statement is even worse; 

“The details didn’t work”

Then all of a sudden you have to become an IT technician, where you have to figure out why they can’t log on. Typically at the end of the ‘diagnostic’ you find out that the issue was, that they didn’t enter the password correctly! 

This week I show you the solution!

You can now embed the login details for a WIFI network in a QR code. When someone scans it, it will automatically conncet them to your network.  Check out the video.

Team I encourage you to go, create a QR code, print it, put it on the fridge and you be gone with this issue, for ever.  

0:00 How to Make a QR Code For Your Wi-Fi (No Messy Passwords anymore!)
0:21 First thing to do
0:35 Enter details
0:57 Mobile phone scanning – great for guests
1:36 Thanks and please don’t forget to subscribe!

Have a great week! 

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