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I’m packing my bags again, but this time, there’s an extra spark of excitement. My destination? The very first STR conference in Canada, Canstays and then off to Boise, Idaho for NWVRP! 

As I prepare for Canada it feels somewhat like a homecoming, as my mind wanders back to the days spent living in Montreal, exploring the vast and diverse expanse of Canada. Canada, with its breathtaking landscapes and welcoming people, has always held a special place in my heart. Now, I’m excited to return, not just to bask in nostalgia but to dive into the heart of Canada’s STR scene at the inaugural Canstays conference. 

And, the journey doesn’t stop there; it extends all the way to Boise, Idaho, for the NWVRP conference, making this trip a unique blend of rediscovery and professional exploration.

In this special episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Catherine Ratcliffe, the visionary host and founder of Canstays. Her story is one of courage, innovation, and the deep-rooted desire to create a platform that brings the Canadian STR community together. Moving from Ottawa to Florida and embarking on her own STR adventure, Catherine identified a critical gap in the Canadian market—a need for a conference that not only caters to Canadian operators but also celebrates the uniqueness of our industry. Canstays is her answer to that need. This conversation is an open invitation for you to learn directly from Catherine about the ethos of Canstays and the invaluable insights it promises to offer.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • An in-depth interview with Catherine Ratcliffe, the heart behind Canstays 💬
  • Unveiling the vision and impact of Canada’s first STR conference 🎤
  • The undeniable value of real-life connections in our fast-paced digital world 🌐
  • Blending business acumen with a passion for hospitality 🏠
  • Building and nurturing our global STR community through events 🌍


Catherine Ratcliffe’s story is a beacon for anyone in our industry. From making a bold move from Ottawa to Florida, to creating a niche for herself and others in the STR space, her journey is a powerful reminder of what we can achieve with passion and persistence. Canstays isn’t just a conference; it’s Catherine’s vision for a community-driven gathering that zeroes in on the unique landscape of the Canadian STR market. Her story, and this conference, speak volumes about the significance of local nuances and the strength of our collective spirit.

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