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Today, we’re diving into an area that truly deserves our attention but often gets overlooked – ‘Touchpoints’ – the numerous interactions within your guest’s journey. When we’re deep in the hustle and bustle of hosting and managing, we can easily miss fleeting yet meaningful moments that make up a guest’s complete experience.

This episode is relevant to anyone in accommodation from hotels, motels, campsites, and short term rentals!

A ‘touchpoint’, can be any interaction a guest has with your business, from a phone call to checking in at reception, an email, a visit to your website, or even just spotting your logo on a billboard. Regrettably, when we think about guest journeys in a “big picture” way, it’s easy to overlook the many interactions that shape that experience. This is particularly true when a single “misstep” can send a once-loyal guest packing in the direction of your nearest competitor. 🚀

In many ways, the guest journey mirrors the nature of any new relationship. Just as every conversation and meet-up between two people on a date or two new friends hanging out either deepen the relationship or pushes them apart, it’s the same with the guest journey—you want to ensure that the guest has such a splendid experience that they’ll want to “see” you again.

These interactions are the very building blocks of the guest experience, shaping how guests view your brand. That’s why mapping out the guest journey is so vital for your business and the guests you serve. A great guest journey leads to a longer business relationship, more revenue, and greater potential for referrals. Therefore, it’s crucial that every guest’s interaction with your brand is a positive one. ✨

In today’s episode, I join forces with a true pioneer of the guest experience, Tyann Marcink. Tyann wears two hats – she operates her own portfolio of properties and is part of the team at TouchStay. Combined, she has rightfully earned the title of Queen of Guest Experience.

Together, we’ll delve into how these key moments impact the guest journey, focusing on why these interactions truly are the secret to creating better guest experiences.

Topics covered in this episode:

The importance of touchpoints in accommodation 💼

Identifying and mapping out your guest journey 🗺️

Some common interactions and how to optimize them 📈

Using guest feedback to improve your guest journey 📝

Harnessing technology to manage and improve these key moments 📲

Personalizing and tailoring these moments for different guests 🎯

Measuring the effectiveness of your guest journey 📊

Ensuring consistency with your branding and messaging 🖥️

By optimizing your guest interactions, you can influence every step of the guest journey. You will provide targeted information at just the right time and in the right place. Remember, it’s not just about having a few interactions; it’s about ensuring a consistent and seamless experience across them all.

The path to better guest experiences starts here. So, tune in, absorb, and apply.

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