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This week’s journey takes us to Canada, where I had the fantastic opportunity to meet with some of the most innovative operators in our industry. There’s nothing quite like connecting with people I  admire and who are truly shaking things up. And it’s humbling to bring their stories and learnings to you. 

During my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting Deana Steele. We bonded over our shared dedication to transforming the accommodation sector. As a prominent figure in the luxury short-term rental market, Deana’s insights are invaluable. Her approach to luxury could profoundly shift your perspective on elevating your own business.

In this episode, we delve into what it really takes to stand out in the high-end accommodation sector. The luxury market isn’t just about high margins, it’s also coupled with high expectations and bespoke experiences. Deana Steele from Keys to Kelowna Properties joins us to discuss the layers of luxury accommodation, from acquiring prime properties to understanding the nuanced needs of a high-end clientele. Our conversation unpacks strategies that are crucial for anyone aiming to excel in this prestigious segment, shedding light on how luxury can significantly enhance your brand’s value and market appeal.

What we discuss in this weeks episode:

🌟 Defining of luxury in today’s accommodation sector.
🛎️ How to effectively identify and fulfil the needs of the luxury market.
🏡 Strategies for acquiring and managing prestigious properties.
🔑 Insights on building lasting relationships with property owners.
💼 Tips on positioning yourself in the luxury market.
📈 Understanding the importance of exclusivity and rarity in property selection.
🤝 The value of continuous education and network expansion in the luxury accommodation niche.

Deana Steele is a pioneer in the luxury vacation rental market and the creative force behind Keys to Kelowna Properties. She has successfully brought world-class luxury real estate rentals to Kelowna, elevating the city’s profile among elite travelers. Starting Keys to Kelowna organically in 2013, her entrepreneurial flair was quickly recognized by industry leaders, including Airbnb, which led her to assist remote real estate investors.

Join us as we explore the luxurious layers that can transform your accommodation strategy from standard to exceptional. Listening to Deana’s experiences and the actionable strategies she shares will equip you with the knowledge to attract discerning clients who seek unparalleled experiences. Her insights provide a practical blueprint for anyone looking to elevate their operations in the luxury market.

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