Day 5 – ChatGPT Plugins & Automation – AI Challenge Part 2

🌞 Welcome to Day 5 of the AI challenge! 🤖

Today, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of plugins for ChatGPT. These tools are revolutionizing how you interact with AI, making it easier to extract information from ChatGPT and share it on your favorite platforms. We’ll explore how ChatGPT, using plugins, can now mine live data from the internet, offering up-to-date insights rather than just historical information.

🔑 Key elements of today’s training include:
1️⃣ Understanding and enabling ChatGPT plugins.
2️⃣ Learning how to browse the internet with ChatGPT using plugins.
3️⃣ Exploring how ChatGPT can provide live, up-to-date data.
4️⃣ Using video insights plugin and integrating it with Zapier for content creation.
5️⃣ Automating social media posts using ChatGPT and Zapier.
6️⃣ Connecting and setting up different apps in Zapier.
7️⃣ Learning how to use plugins for travel planning with Kayak and Expedia.

Jump on board as we unlock these powerful features of ChatGPT that are set to transform your AI journey. Let’s dive in! 💪🚀


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