Day 3 – Quizzes and Surveys – AI Challenge Part 2

🎉 Welcome to Day 3 of the AI Challenge! 🎉

Today, we dive into the exciting world of quizzes and surveys, and how AI, especially ChatGPT, can be an instrumental tool in enhancing your interaction with your customers. Quizzes and surveys not only serve as a fantastic medium for customer interaction but also as a lead magnet to secure bookings or capture important contact information.

Key elements we will cover today:
The significance of quizzes and surveys in customer interaction and data collection.
Different types of quizzes and surveys that you can create using ChatGPT.
Using quizzes and surveys for lead generation and lead segmentation.
Utilising quizzes and surveys for gathering customer feedback and understanding their preferences.
Tools and platforms you can use to implement your quizzes and surveys.
Creating engaging quizzes for potential customers visiting your website.
Offering incentives to increase engagement with your quiz.
Examples of effective quizzes from businesses.
Let’s delve into this journey of optimisng your customer engagement strategies using AI-powered quizzes and surveys. Stay tuned!

Please note the prizes, and live sessions are no longer available! 🙂


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