Day 1 – Historical Data Analysis & Basic KPIs

Today, we explore the indispensable role of “key performance indicators (KPIs)” in revenue management. The main point is this: The deeper you understand KPIs such as Average Daily Rate (ADR), Occupancy, and Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR), the better your business strategies and outcomes will be. We’ll put these KPIs to the test in real-world situations like maximising revenue in your establishment.

Today we cover

The power of KPIs in revenue management and their importance.

Comparing key metrics like ADR, Occupancy, and RevPAR.

Pinpointing essential aspects of your business to provide these KPIs with meaningful data.

Embarking on a hands-on assignment for today, focusing on understanding your business’ historical performance and calculating your specific KPIs.

Today, we dissect three fundamental metrics commonly used in revenue management: ADR, Occupancy, and RevPAR. ADR, or Average Daily Rate, calculates the average rental revenue per day and is vital for understanding the revenue you generate. Occupancy, on the other hand, gives you an idea of how well-utilised your available space is—calculated as the number of nights booked divided by the total available nights. Last but not least, we have RevPAR, which is the product of ADR and Occupancy, a potent metric that offers a more holistic view of your revenue and space utility.

As for today’s assignment, please find the link to the Google Sheet. It is designed to help you explore these KPIs in depth. If you already have access to your historical reservation data, go ahead and populate the yellow cells in the sheet with your own metrics for ADR, Occupancy, and RevPAR. If you’re new to collecting this data or need guidance, we’ve prepared a dummy data sheet dating back to 2021 for you to practice on.

Remember, yellow cells are for your input, and grey cells will auto-calculate based on the data you provide. We will guide you on how to transform your reservation data into monthly KPI numbers as part of this assignment.

Get ready to unlock the financial potential of your business by mastering these key metrics.


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