Day 1 – Context is key – AI Challenge Part 2

Today, we delve into the pivotal role of “context” in AI. Here’s the key takeaway: The richer the context you provide these AI tools, the more meaningful your questions become, and thus, the more insightful their responses. We’ll put Google’s Bard and Chat GPT-4 under the microscope, assessing their capabilities and performance in real-world situations such as generating compelling social media posts.

What does today’s episode have in store?

Unpacking the power of context in AI and its significance.

Comparing AI contenders like Google’s Bard and Chat GPT-4.

Exploring the contributions of key industry players in AI, including Google, Facebook, and Elon Musk.

Identifying crucial aspects of your business to provide these AI tools with meaningful context.

Learning how to give your AI tool comprehensive context for generating precise and relevant outcomes.

Starting a hands-on exercise that serves as today’s homework, focusing on understanding your business better and giving your AI tool the right context.

Prepare for a deep dive into the AI abyss, where we’ll uncover its potential to revolutionise your business operations.


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