Learning to Scale with Dale Smith - from 1 property to £30 Million!

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Dale’s Route to Scale: A Success Tale!

I’ve been looking forward to bringing out this episode. We recorded it a little while ago with the amazing Dale Smith. If you haven’t met him then he is creating a great success story which I know you will want to follow.

Property management is incredibly complex; it’s an intricate mix of insights, strategies, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), determination, smarts, and much more. In this episode we delve into understanding the role that KPIs play in building your business, the importance of tracking your progress, which in turn can help you determine the next steps.

Meet our guest, Dale Smith. A name synonymous with success in the property management world. With over 15 years of experience, Dale has carved a unique trajectory in property investment, development, and management. His keen insights on performance tracking, measuring growth, and always keeping an eye on the pulse of the business are unparalleled.

This episode is filled to the brim with wisdom, not just theoretical but, more importantly, drawn from real, practical knowledge and experience. Whether you’re starting out or looking to take your accommodation business to the next level, Dale’s story, philosophy, and strategies are guaranteed to add value to your journey.

Ready to learn the real secrets you won’t find just by Googling?

What we cover:

Unravelling the Role of KPIs in Property Management 📊

Real Insights on Profit Tracking and Growth 📈

Key Strategies for Managing Revenue Streams 💰

Learn How to Pivot and Reset Objectives 🔀

How to Pick Key Measurements that Drive Your Business 🧭

Master the Art of Continuous Improvement 🔄

The Secret to Profitable Bookings Per Property 🏠

Dale Smith is the CEO of The SDDE Smith Group, a property giant he founded in March 2017 with a single holiday home. Fast forward four years, and Dale has grown the business to include 12 customer-facing brands, over 350 employees, and projected revenue of over £30 million for 2023. From Host & Stay to WOODSmith Construction, Dale’s unique approach emphasises increasing customer lifetime value, competing on price without sacrificing profit margins, and expanding his portfolio to well over 850 vacation rental properties.

I truly believe that this episode with Dale will be a transformative for you. His real-life insights into property management are applicable, relatable, and downright inspiring. Dale’s philosophy, driven by experience and Practical knowledge, reveals an approach to growth that is both attainable and innovative.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enrich your understanding and inspire new avenues for your business. Dale’s unique insights have paved the way for others and now, they’re available to you. Tune in, listen, learn, and set yourself on a path to achieve your property management dreams with confidence.

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