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Clock’s Not Out on Airbnb

If you have been following the show, then you will know that over the past 3 years I have loved speaking to leaders from every corner of the accommodation industry. Whether they are a small host of a bed and breakfast or the CEO of a massive hotel chain there’s always something valuable to learn, as we all share the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional hospitality. If you’re at the helm of a large corporation, don’t underestimate the power of understanding what the younger generation is up to in our industry; their fresh perspectives and innovative approaches could be game-changing. I see it all the time with new technologies, trends and tools that cross over from all parts of the industry. 

Today, we’re diving deep into a topic that has many people scratching their heads: “Is it possible to get started in short-term rentals in 2024?” The short-term rental market has witnessed unprecedented growth in the past few years, and is it now too late to get started? Is this a fantastic opportunity or something to stay away from?

In this enlightening episode, we’re honoured to have Patryk Swietek, a young serial entrepreneur who has come out of nowhere (for over 10 years 😂), to setup a rapidly expanding short-term rental business. His journey is riveting and the conversation will help guide you into what the future possibilities hold. 

If you’re looking for the key to unlock a successful accommodation business, this episode could very well be your treasure map. From getting started with minimal capital to optimizing your properties for maximum profit, Patryk and I cover the fundamentals. So, grab a cuppa and settle in; this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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– Unearth the Possibilities of 2024 🌱

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– How Small Investments Yield Big Returns 📈

Patryk is becoming a prodigy in the short-term rental space. Starting his first company at the age of 14, he has been on the rise ever since. Currently, he owns 6 properties and manages an additional 20 in the Joshua Tree area. Not just a business owner, Patryk is a thought leader who organizes industry conferences, and monthly meetups, and even helms a Facebook community of investors. His passion is to help others break free from the 9-5 grind through short-term rental investing.

Accommodation Owners and Managers, I cannot emphasize enough how crucial this episode is if you’re thinking about getting into the ‘Airbnb’/STR game in 2024. This is not just another podcast episode; it’s a comprehensive guide brimming with actionable tips, insider insights, and invaluable wisdom. Patryk’s story is proof that you can start small yet dream big in this industry. 

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