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This week I am super pleased to welcome back Jules Brooke from Handle your own PR. We have a great conversation around  why it is the perfect time for you to learn how to start getting free editorial coverage in the media. In this episode Jules will take you through why you should be doing PR, she’ll bust some PR myths and then explain the steps to handling your own PR. By the time she has finished you’ll be dying to give it a go!

Jules is a veteran of PR and marketing with over 15 years experience in PR having mastered how to talk directly to the media and cut out the middleman.

Key Learning Points

  • What is editorial PR? [03:15]
  • Essential things you really need to have before you go out to the media [06:10]
  • How to pick the right media, with the right message [09:44]
  • How to get featured for free in magazines, newspapers on radio TV, podcasts and blogs.
  • Approaching and handling journalists [10:03]
  • How has PR evolved in the modern age? [13:23]
  • How to write a media release [13:43]
  • If you don’t get picked up the first time, try again. [18:23]
  • Getting your content published in a practical way [20:40]
  • Marketing that lasts forever [25:32]

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