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A few years ago, while walking down the street, I found myself in a sidewalk shuffle with a stranger. We awkwardly tried to pass each other, stepping left, then right, left again, until it became almost comical. At one point, with a friendly grin, the stranger quipped, “adapt or die,” with a cheeky grin on his face, before finally finding our way past one another. This seemingly trivial moment resonated deeply with me, particularly at the time as Covid was just around the corner and we all know how we needed to adapt and is ever so important in this day and age.  


Reflecting on this, I realize how pertinent this idea is to the accommodation and short-term rental industry, especially in today’s rapidly changing market. This week on the Accommodation Show, we’re taking that notion a step further. We’re not just talking about adapting; we’re exploring the need to evolve. It’s about pushing beyond mere survival, about thriving through innovation and reimagining the way we do business.


In this week’s episode, we dive into the heart of creativity and community transformation within the accommodation industry. From my own experiences and the enlightening conversation with our guest, Matt Landau, I’ve realized the immense value that creativity can bring to any hospitality business. Whether you’re running a hotel, a bed and breakfast, or a short-term rental, breaking your creative boundaries can elevate your guest experiences and set you apart from the competition.


This episode is particularly crucial for anyone looking to break the mould of conventional hospitality practices. 


Now is the time! 


Matt and I explore not just the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ behind innovative strategies that can significantly enhance your business’s appeal and sustainability. We discuss the transformative power of storytelling in guest engagement and how thinking like a community leader rather than just a business owner can profoundly impact your local area and beyond.


What you will learn from this episode:

  • How storytelling can captivate and engage your guests more deeply 📘
  • The critical role of community involvement in transforming neighbourhoods 🏘️
  • Insights into the lasting impact of events and conferences on industry practices 🎤
  • Steps to evolve and grow your own vibrant community within the VRMB platform 🌐
  • Why embracing creativity and innovation is essential in today’s market 🎨
  • The necessity of an intervention to break away from conventional processes 🔄
  • Balancing standardization with a unique personal touch in your service delivery ⚖️

Matt Landau is a beacon of innovation and social responsibility in the vacation rental industry. His entrepreneurial journey started with acquiring Los Cuatro Tulipanes, which rapidly became a celebrated destination under his leadership, acclaimed by both the World Travel Awards and Trip Advisor. Beyond his hotel management, Matt founded VRMB, a leading voice in the vacation rental sector, and co-founded the Esperanza Social Venture Club, demonstrating his dedication to societal impacts and community betterment.

Matt’s educational background in International Economics and his diverse pursuits, from triathlons to culinary experiments, underline his multifaceted approach to hospitality and media. Through platforms like “The Vacation Rental Show” and his podcast “Unlocked by Matt Landau”, he challenges industry norms and encourages others to think differently about their roles within the community and the wider world.

Investing an hour to listen to this episode will give you a fresh perspective on integrating creativity and community-centric strategies into your business model. These insights are not just theoretical but are backed by Matt’s extensive experience and proven success in the field. The discussion is designed to inspire you, offer practical tips, and encourage you to think outside the box, helping you to not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s travelers.


If you’re seeking to foster a deeper connection with your guests and want to stand out in a crowded market, understanding the blend of creativity, community involvement, and business savvy that Matt brings to the table is invaluable. This episode will equip you with the knowledge to reimagine your approach and ensure your accommodation not only survives but thrives in a rapidly changing industry.

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