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What separates a good accommodation business from a great one? It’s not just the thread count of your bed linens, the range of your breakfast buffet, the modernity of your rooms, or even the breadth of amenities like gyms and swimming pools. In today’s episode, we delve into the alchemy of exceptional customer service and how it can transform the entire customer experience. We are diving deep into this topic because, in an industry where customer satisfaction is the bread and butter, a shift from merely providing services to creating memorable experiences can set you apart.

To guide us through this labyrinth, we have Bruce Harkness, a heavyweight in the field of Human Resources, Customer Experience, and PR & Communications at Wyndham Destinations. Bruce’s perspective is not just theoretically rich but laced with real-life examples and experiences. His insights are aimed to make the complex world of customer service straightforward and achievable for your business. This episode isn’t just another talk; it’s a masterclass in understanding and elevating the customer service culture in your accommodation business.

From talent acquisition to the intricacies of service excellence, Bruce lays out the blueprint for delivering an unparalleled service experience. This episode will offer you more than just ‘good advice’. It gives you actionable strategies and techniques to ensure that everyone, from your receptionist to your housekeeping staff, is singing from the same hymn sheet and contributing to a culture that puts the customer first.

Reasons You Should Listen to this Episode 🎉

Uncover the Psychology of Customer Satisfaction 🧠

Learn the Importance of Talent Acquisition in Customer Service 🎯

Discover how Leadership Sets the Tone for Service Excellence 🎓

Master the Art of Training for Team Synergies 🤝

Gain Insight into Effective Knowledge Sharing within Your Business 🔄

Understand the Role of Recognition in Service Excellence 🏆

Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Approaches to Customer Service 🔄

Meet Bruce Harkness: The Architect of Exceptional Customer Experiences 🌟

Bruce Harkness is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Customer Experience, PR & Communications at Wyndham Destinations. Leading a team of over 500 professionals across nine countries, Bruce oversees everything from recruitment to training and development for Wyndham’s expansive Asia Pacific resort network. He sits on the Hotel & Tourism Management Industry Advisory Board at Bond University and has a wealth of experience having worked with hospitality giants like Toga Hotel, Movenpick Hotels, Kempinski, and the Rezidor Group. In simpler terms, Bruce isn’t just an expert; he’s a visionary who crafts strategies for enhancing customer experience at scale.

Don’t just take my word for it; your business can profoundly benefit from the pearls of wisdom Bruce shares. From translating boardroom ideas into actionable steps for your team to understanding the nuance of team synergies, this episode is a treasure trove of actionable insights. You’ll learn not just the ‘whats’ but also the ‘hows’ of creating a customer service culture that aligns with your business vision.

This is not an episode to skim; it’s one to take notes on. It is an investment of your time that promises a high return in terms of customer satisfaction and, consequently, your bottom line. So grab your notepad and get ready to elevate your accommodation business to new heights of customer service excellence!

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