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We are back for Episode 2 of season 12 of The Accommodation Show and this is my ode to VRMA Orlando where I sit right now preparing for 3 days of adventures!

One question that seems to echo through the corridors of online forums, gets scribbled on notepads at conferences, and buzzes in hushed conversations among industry professionals everywhere is: “Which Property Management System (PMS) should I use?”  It’s the question that keeps operators up at night and is quite possibly a question that cannot be answered. This is a topic that over this season and in the future I will be delving into today we’re tackling this big question head-on.

In today’s episode , we’re diving into the labyrinth of Property Management Systems (PMS). Why, you ask? Because choosing the right PMS is like finding the heartbeat of your business. A powerful PMS streamlines operations, elevates guest experiences, and, most importantly, helps increase revenue.

To navigate this crucial topic, I’ve invited Terry Whyte, an owner and hospitality guru who knows a thing or two about making properties both profitable and desirable. This is the ‘tech guy’ and operator that has tried and tested hundreds, if not thousands of PMS systems! What a great place for us to start.

In this tech-savvy era, your Property Management System can either be a catalyst for growth or a bottleneck for business. With so many features, costs, and potential pitfalls to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This episode is designed to be your compass, your definitive guide to picking a system that works for you.

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Terry’s Final Tips and Tricks for an Optimised Property Management System 🌟

Today’s guest is Terry Whyte, co-owner of Anna Maria Beach Condo. Along with his partner Sandy, Terry has been mastering the fine art of hospitality for years. They’ve built a reputable and successful business, recognised by TripAdvisor and FlipKey with a “Top Rental Property” award two years running. Terry is not just a property owner; he is a thought leader in the hospitality industry. With a focus on luxurious yet affordable accommodations, he has managed to keep his properties booked almost all year round. This blend of hands-on experience and professional expertise is what makes Terry a must-listen guest for anyone in the accommodation business.

Listening to this episode is not just an investment in your time; it’s an investment in your business’s future. You’ll learn how to sift through countless options and identify a PMS that aligns with your business goals. We discuss everything from cost implications to future tech innovations in property management. By the end, you’ll have a roadmap to make more informed decisions, boost operational efficiency, and heighten guest satisfaction.

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