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Do you ever lie in bed at night, worrying if you’ve priced your rooms too high or too low? 🤷 Let’s be honest, Revenue Management isn’t exactly bedtime reading, but it could mean the difference between empty rooms and a fully booked season at peak prices.

You don’t want to miss out on this week’s episode of the Accommodation Show; it’s all about introducing you to the art and science of Revenue Management and our event coming up with PriceLabs. I am so excited for this – this has been in the brain for over a year… and now it is finally arriving!

Revenue management is not just about numbers; it’s about smart pricing, length of stay, competitor insights, and predicting market demand. Simply put, you need to be a bit of a wizard to make the most out of every booking opportunity, and today’s episode is your spellbook! I’ve invited Richie Khandelwal, the co-founder of PriceLabs, to offer his expert advice on how to optimize your pricing and drive bookings through the roof.

🔥 We are hosting a 5-day challenge with PriceLabs!

This is a 5-day challenge designed to revolutionize your approach to revenue management. We’re bringing in industry expertise with Richie Khandelwal from PriceLabs to guide you through actionable strategies to optimize pricing, enhance bookings, and skyrocket your income.

🕰️ When?

Starts 18th of September 2023!

🗓️ How Does It Work?

Each morning, you’ll receive a 5-10 minute video from Richie explaining the day’s challenge, complete with tasks and concepts. You’ll get access to an activity sheet preloaded with templates, examples, and formulas. Spend around 30 minutes during the day working on the challenge, and in the afternoon/evening, join a live interactive session hosted by Bart and Richie, where we’ll delve into insights and practical applications of the day’s topic.

📈 What Can You Expect?

1️⃣ Day 1: Master key revenue metrics like Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR using historical data.

2️⃣ Day 2: Learn how to perform competitor and market analysis to stay ahead in the game.

3️⃣ Day 3: Manage your booking windows and length of stay to maximize revenue.

4️⃣ Day 4: Dive deep into hyperlocal market data to tailor your revenue strategies.

5️⃣ Day 5: Understand the concept of pacing analysis and create an action plan for future revenue growth.

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See you all on this challenge!

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